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The challenge

Led by Anne Sourdin, Alliances Lead & Retail Project Manager at HP France, the project was rolled out around four distinct pieces of equipment: Tables, Platforms, Front displays, Product Glorifiers
Set up in July 2016, the HP merchandising project at the Fnac aims to highlight the two major HP environments: Computing, particularly top-of-the-range products, including the HP Spectre laptop, as well as associated accessories Printing, namely printers and ink cartridges, as well as Instant Ink, the ink cartridge replacement service.

Our Solution

Set up in 86 Fnac stores (CES)in France since July 2016, the merchandising project has 3 main goals:

  • To highlight HP products, enhancing them, as well as taking them out of the regular shelf sections.
  • To boost HP sales and its market share in the Fnac stores.
  • To reinforce the partnership between HP and the Fnac.

The CPM France sales force teams for HP were in charge of following up the project on the ground.
Their day-to-day task is to guarantee the availability of products, accessories and cartridges, as well as the high visibility of the Instant Ink service.

Key figures:

  • 1315 days of sales events
  • 272 visits from sales reps
  • 85 merchandising visits


The partnership between the Fnac and HP is not limited to visibility at the point of sales. The project will also be adapted online on the website to use the brand’s visibility in the various sales channels, but also to set up cross-channel dynamics.

Case studies

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