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3 November 2016

This month, it’s over to Bastiaan van Houten, MD from CPM Netherlands, for our Expert Speak. In 2001, Bastiaan started his CPM career with a field job at Diageo and in 2004 moved into CPM’s Dutch head office for a role in direct sales. After various roles and positions, Bastiaan started Cosine Benelux in 2011 and merged this business in 2015 with CPM Netherlands. Read more

14 September 2016

CPM UK is featured in The Times this week with an article around how sales outsourcing can revolutionise your business.
We explain how a sales outsourcing partner can help your business develop and grow, delivering return on investment and boosting the bottom line. Read more

22 August 2016

Our latest CPM Expert Speak comes from Marco Gualdi, CEO, CPM Italy. Marco is the founding partner of our Italian business,setting up the company over 20 years ago. In his article, Marco analyses the tangible benefits to be achieved through outsourcing a field sales team in the new retail environment. Read more

4 August 2016

Our latest CPM Expert Speak comes from Huan Nguyen , Managing Director at CPM Vietnam. Huan examines the core advantages to be achieved through integrating merchandising with auditing activities at retail point of sale. Read more

6 July 2016

CPM Australia's , retail marketing agency, Retail Safari talks in-store retail activation in Retail World Magazine. Read more

30 June 2016

Our CPM Ireland Field Marketing & Sales business triumph at the 2016 Irish Sales Champions Awards. Read more

15 June 2016

Our latest CPM Expert Speak comes from Martin Ryan; Chief Development Officer at CPM Group of Companies Asia Pacific. Martin has worked for CPM for sixteen years and has over twenty five years industry experience. Read more

6 June 2016
Tags: CPM Expert Speak, Field Sales, Sales Trends, CPM Insight, CPM News ; KreasalesCPM, Field Marketing

Joeri Perneel , Managing Director of Kreasales CPM and Founder of MySalesRep.be analyses trends impacting sales in the next five years. Read more

6 June 2016

CPM Australia Chairman , Alex McKay features in the latest edition of Australia's Retail World Magazine. Read more

3 June 2016

CPM UK share their latest insight infographic looking at how brands and retailers can increase sales opportunities during the UEFA European Championship 2016. Read more

17 May 2016

Our latest CPM Expert Speak comes from Lorraine Butler, Managing Director of CPM Ireland. Lorraine has more than 20 years’ industry experience in highly targeted Sales industries. In this article, she analyses the importance and benefits of aligning Sales & Marketing Teams. Read more

30 March 2016

Mandeep Singh analyses the Connected Consumer and impact on the Indian retail marketplace in this month´s CPM Expert Speak. Read more

11 December 2015
Tags: CPM Smarter Selling, Sales, CPM News, Retail, Events Agency, Inventa CPM, Field Marketing

Inventa CPM , our Italian Field Marketing and Events Agency features in the November issue of Mark Up ; Italy's leading trade and retail sales magazine. Read more

7 October 2015

This month's CPM Expert Speak comes from Marco Gualdi, CEO, Inventa CPM Field Marketing. Marco founded the Italian office of CPM over 20 years ago coupling the Retail experience with the marketing and promotional services offered by its sister company, Inventa. On the back of yet another successful Smarter Selling Conference hosted by Inventa CPM; Marco analyses the key take-outs and considerations of this year's event. Read more

23 September 2015
Tags: Field Marketing, Retail Sales, CPM News Sales

Inventa CPM Field Marketing are this year's hosts of the 5th Smarter Selling Convention; which will take place in Milan on the 28th September 2015. The theme of this year’s convention is 'Driving Retail Sales Growth: Evolution or Revolution.' Read more

16 September 2015

Press Release: CPM France, a leading field marketing and event management agency across the French marketplace launches BRANDSHOPS; a point of sale development concept. Read more

16 September 2015

Our latest CPM Expert Speak comes from Alberto Almar; CEO of CPM Expertus Spain Field Marketing Agency. Alberto analyses the current Spanish retail marketplace and the increasing need to move from tactical based retail activation campaigns to a more strategic brand advocacy model; which maximises sales opportunities and secures long-term brand positioning. Read more

10 September 2015

CPM EMEA CEO, Mike Hughes features in the September online edition of the European Business Magazine. Read more

9 September 2015

CPM Australia Field Marketing & Contact Centre Business features in the August edition of The CEO Magazine. Andrew Potter, Group MD of CPM Australia talks outsourced sales, CPM people and culture and how CPM have developed themselves as thought-leaders in the Australian marketplace. Read more

24 July 2015

CPM UK, our field marketing and contact centre business has worked alongside Asda's social media agency, IMP and PR agency, Havas to deliver the campaign which will see a countrywide tour around England in the #cakemyday van themed campaign. Read more

7 July 2015

Joost van de Ven, Group Chief Development Officer at CPM, introduces our new Global Showreel and and shares insight on how we have been driving SALES and incremental growth for our global client brands for 80 years. Read more

27 June 2015
Tags: Retail Insights | CPM Expert Speak, Retail Sales, Field Sales, Field Marketing, Shopper Behaviour

Our latest CPM Expert Speak feature comes from Karen Jackson, CPM UK Managing Director. Karen looks at the evolution of retail during an era of constant change in shopper behaviour and shares the latest research findings in a downloadable insight pack; providing top tips on how retailers and brands can offer customized solutions which reflect differing shopper missions. Read more

26 June 2015

The summer is well and truly upon us and festival season has officially kicked off. CPM UK , the UK's leading Field Marketing & Contact Centre business present their latest infographic and research findings on how to boost grocery and convenience store sales this festival season. Read more

25 June 2015

On April 16 this year, during a day on the theme of "Sales Force: Optimization and Performance", Fabrice Pierga, the COO of CPM France, was invited by the French Institute of Merchandising to present an overview of outsourced sales force and related market trends. Read more

25 June 2015
Tags: CPM Expert Speak, Field Marketing Teams, Field Sales, Merchandising, CPM Insights

Our CPM Expert Speak insight article this month comes from Alan Peyton, Managing Director of CPM Ireland who provides top tips to maximise productivity and output of your FMCG field sales team. Read more

23 June 2015
Tags: Irish Champion Sales Awards 2015, Field Marketing, Sales, Field Sales Teams

For the fifth year in a row, CPM Ireland Field Marketing has been recognised as an award-winning field sales agency at the Irish Sales Awards, which was held on June 11th 2015 in the Guinness Storehouse. Read more

26 May 2015
Tags: Ulster Grocer Awards, In-Store Consumer Sales Promotion winners, Field Marketing

CPM & Lucozade Ribena Suntory “A true Partnership approach results in a winning In- Store Execution…” We are delighted to announce that CPM, in partnership with Lucozade Ribena Suntory, has been awarded the prestigious Ulster Grocer Marketing Awards 2015, in the category of: Best In-Store Consumer Sales Promotion. Read more

15 May 2015

In March, CPM Australia celebrated their Annual Awards, the “Rossco” and Meritorious Awards in Melbourne. With an exciting “Viva Las Vegas” theme, the team had plenty of Elvis’s and Showgirls dancing the night away! Read more

11 May 2015

Inventa CPM, CPM's Italian field marketing agency, launched the Italian edition of Death of the Salesman book last week in Milan. The launch event took place at Egea's library and was chaired by Inventa CPM in partnership with Popai. The authors of the book , which focuses on the role of the sales function in a modern business ; Graham Brown, Alex McKay and Neale Skalberg attended the event and hosted a debate on international field marketing and sales outsourcing. Read more

7 May 2015

The official launch of OMNIWOMEN UK event was hosted at the BT Headquarters in London in March coinciding with International Women’s day. OMNIWOMEN were celebrating the first event of its type within the UK where 170 delegates from OMNICOM agencies, including CPM, attended an inspirational thought provoking day, hearing from guest speakers covering a range of topics that impact women in leadership within the working environment on a daily basis. Read more

7 April 2015

Cognodata Consulting has identified six major changes taking place in the retail sector as a result of the economic crisis. The new consumers are characterized by being more informed, better savers and more demanding. Our Spanish field marketing business, CPM Expertus have summarized some of these changes and provide recommendations on how to overcome obstacles within a retail environment: Read more

15 January 2015
Tags: Video, Famous for Sales, CPM Netherlands, Field Marketing Outsourced Sales

As a global leader in outsourced sales, CPM specialize in driving incremental growth for our clients via our field marketing, contact centre and digital marketing divisions. Discover for yourselves why CPM are Famous for Sales and how we can assist your brand in our latest video, courtesy of CPM Netherlands. Read more

20 November 2014

The prestigious international award honours the project "Missione Ambiente by Bosch" and Inventa CPM expertise in school marketing. Milan, October 14, 2014. Inventa CPM, wins the silver medal in the category "Sponsorship/Joint Effort/Tie-in" at the prestigious IMC European Awards for the educational project "Missione Ambiente by Bosch" (Mission Environment by Bosch), realized in partnership with Giunti Editore, leader in the textbook and TESA, the leading manufacturer of self-adhesive products for office and professional use. Read more

19 November 2014

CPM UK has scooped two awards at this year’s Field Marketing and Brand Experience Awards. A Christmas Sampling campaign on behalf of client Asda won a Gold in the Most Effective Instore Sales Sampling category and we received a Bronze in the Team of the Year (FMCG) category. Read more

22 May 2014
Tags: Field Marketing, CPM Clients, CPM Campaign, Merchandising, Demonstrations, Sales Force, CPM News

Learn how CPM drove brand awareness and increased sales for HP Mobile Printing Solutions through an integrated field marketing solution; encompassing a sales force, merchandising and demonstration campaign across multi-media retailers in France. Read more

19 March 2014

CPM Ireland has launched an all new blog which will share the latest news from the field marketing industry, among other relevant sector specific insights. The blog has been developed to share relevant information to help you drive your company sales as well as assist you to drive your career in sales. Read more

27 November 2013

Frankfurt/ B. Homburg, November, 18th 2013. CPM International is delighted to announce the appointment of Johann-Hinrich Nagel as Chief Executive Officer of CPM Germany. Johann brings a wealth of new experience to CPM having been the Sales Director or General Manager of a number of blue chip organizations, having worked in the service sector with Nielsen and most recently having been the Managing Partner of the Consumer Goods division of the Marketing Corporation. Read more

25 November 2013

Two major changes have been announced to CPM’s international management structure. From 1 January 2014, CPM UK’s current Managing Director Martin Ryan hands over the role to Deputy Managing Director Karen Jackson. Martin will immediately assume international responsibilities - as European Business Development Director, until the second half of the year when he will relocate to Singapore, taking up the position of Regional Business Development Director, Asia Pacific. Read more

25 October 2013
Tags: Awards, Field Marketing, Brand Experience, Marketing, Press Release

CPM has scooped two Golds, a Silver and two Bronze awards at the Field Marketing & Brand Experience Awards. Our Experiential business, TRO also won two Golds and a Silver, before finishing the night on a high by being named Brand Experience Agency of the Year. TRO Chairman Rob Allen also received FMBE’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Read more

20 February 2013
Tags: Field Marketing, Sampling, Marketing Communications

Read how CPM's insight on cultural and sustainable aspects can drive sales for your business. Read more

24 January 2013

A look into the future of field marketing and cloud technology. Discover how CPM is harnessing the leading CRM technology, Salesforce; to enhance their customer's experience. Read more

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