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21 February 2017

Veronique Motte, CPM France CEO discusses Sales Outsourcing in our latest CPM Expert Speak. The obvious choice for some but less well-known to others, sales outsourcing lets brands be more agile and keep ahead of the pack. Read more

1 February 2017

Our latest CPM Expert Speak comes from Alberto Almar; CEO of CPM Expertus Spain Field Marketing. Alberto has been working at CPM Expertus for over 16 years and has over 20 years’ experience in field marketing. Read more

21 December 2016

Our final Expert Speak of the year comes from Johann-Hinrich Nagel, CEO, CPM Germany Field Marketing. Johann looks at the latest hot trend in retail, pop up stores and examines why international brands are turning to pop up stores as a way to generate buzz, deliver a sensorial experience and drive increased sales opportunities. Read more

3 November 2016

This month, it’s over to Bastiaan van Houten, MD from CPM Netherlands, for our Expert Speak. In 2001, Bastiaan started his CPM career with a field job at Diageo and in 2004 moved into CPM’s Dutch head office for a role in direct sales. After various roles and positions, Bastiaan started Cosine Benelux in 2011 and merged this business in 2015 with CPM Netherlands. Read more

20 September 2016

As we celebrate our 80th Anniversary, Mike Hughes, CPM CEO of EMEA, who has worked at CPM for over 22 years, shares his perspective of how CPM has evolved from its small beginnings to becoming a global leader in field marketing, contact centre and digital marketing services. Read more

22 August 2016

Our latest CPM Expert Speak comes from Marco Gualdi, CEO, CPM Italy. Marco is the founding partner of our Italian business,setting up the company over 20 years ago. In his article, Marco analyses the tangible benefits to be achieved through outsourcing a field sales team in the new retail environment. Read more

4 August 2016

Our latest CPM Expert Speak comes from Huan Nguyen , Managing Director at CPM Vietnam. Huan examines the core advantages to be achieved through integrating merchandising with auditing activities at retail point of sale. Read more

6 July 2016

CPM Australia's , retail marketing agency, Retail Safari talks in-store retail activation in Retail World Magazine. Read more

15 June 2016

Our latest CPM Expert Speak comes from Martin Ryan; Chief Development Officer at CPM Group of Companies Asia Pacific. Martin has worked for CPM for sixteen years and has over twenty five years industry experience. Read more

6 June 2016
Tags: CPM Expert Speak, Field Sales, Sales Trends, CPM Insight, CPM News ; KreasalesCPM, Field Marketing

Joeri Perneel , Managing Director of Kreasales CPM and Founder of MySalesRep.be analyses trends impacting sales in the next five years. Read more

6 June 2016

CPM Australia Chairman , Alex McKay features in the latest edition of Australia's Retail World Magazine. Read more

3 June 2016

CPM UK share their latest insight infographic looking at how brands and retailers can increase sales opportunities during the UEFA European Championship 2016. Read more

17 May 2016

Our latest CPM Expert Speak comes from Lorraine Butler, Managing Director of CPM Ireland. Lorraine has more than 20 years’ industry experience in highly targeted Sales industries. In this article, she analyses the importance and benefits of aligning Sales & Marketing Teams. Read more

14 April 2016

Our latest CPM Expert Speak comes from Joakim Gavelin, Senior Partner and Director at Sale Nordic, and founding Partner of the Detail Merchandising Online solution, brought to the global market by CPM. Joakim examines the importance for brand owners to embrace their online presence in the same way as they do in physical stores. Read more

13 January 2016
Tags: CES 2016, CPM News, CPM Insight

On the back of the largest Consumer Electronics Event of the Year; CES 2016, which welcomed over 170,000 attendees through its doors in the Las Vegas Convention Center; CPM US CEO, Chuck Somborn shares with us his top 4 highlights from the show. Read more

12 November 2015
Tags: Infographic, Christmas Retail, Retail Sales, CPM News, CPM Insight, CPM UK

Our CPM UK team share their latest research study which looks at the trends that will determine retail success this festive season and how CPM can support retailers to deliver more sales in the build up and during the busy Christmas retail season. Read more

16 September 2015

Our latest CPM Expert Speak comes from Alberto Almar; CEO of CPM Expertus Spain Field Marketing Agency. Alberto analyses the current Spanish retail marketplace and the increasing need to move from tactical based retail activation campaigns to a more strategic brand advocacy model; which maximises sales opportunities and secures long-term brand positioning. Read more

26 June 2015

The summer is well and truly upon us and festival season has officially kicked off. CPM UK , the UK's leading Field Marketing & Contact Centre business present their latest infographic and research findings on how to boost grocery and convenience store sales this festival season. Read more

25 June 2015

On April 16 this year, during a day on the theme of "Sales Force: Optimization and Performance", Fabrice Pierga, the COO of CPM France, was invited by the French Institute of Merchandising to present an overview of outsourced sales force and related market trends. Read more

25 June 2015
Tags: CPM Expert Speak, Field Marketing Teams, Field Sales, Merchandising, CPM Insights

Our CPM Expert Speak insight article this month comes from Alan Peyton, Managing Director of CPM Ireland who provides top tips to maximise productivity and output of your FMCG field sales team. Read more

4 November 2014

With consumer confidence on the rise; CPM UK share results of a market research study undertaken around Christmas retail predictions and what and where consumers will be parting their cash in the build up to the Christmas period. Read more

24 September 2014

Our CPM Expert Speak article this month comes from Arnold Vrind, CPM Benelux Managing Director. In the past 5 years, Arnold has seen a significant development and shift in how we operate in the Grocery Retail Environment from a Sales Perspective. The two most important field sales trends are shared with you to give a perspective on how to be successful in your approach to this ever-changing environment. Read more

23 September 2014
Tags: Retail News, Insight, CPM Insights, Convenience Retail, Shopper Trends

CPM Insight & Planning Team bring to you our monthly Independent & Convenience Insight update with the latest retail news and shopper trends from independent retailers and convenience outlets across the UK. Read more

3 September 2014
Tags: Retail Safari, CPM Australia, Retail Marketing, CPM Insights, Retail World, PR

Demand in the frozen desserts and pastries category has shifted from the traditional family-shared dessert to single-serve and bite-sized sweets according to Retail World, Australia's leading gorcery trade magazine. Lynne McKay, General Manager-Retail Activation at Retail Safari, CPM Australia's retail marketing brand, shares her insights on shopper trends in the dessert category in an interview with Retail World. Read more

28 August 2014

Our CPM Expert Speak article this month comes from Chuck Somborn, CPM US Chief Executive Officer. Chuck is a field marketing, direct sales and merchandising specialist with over 30 years’ experience. Chuck was previously CEO of NIS (National In-store) and became CEO of CPM US in 2009 following the acquisition of NIS. Read more

31 July 2014
Tags: CPM Insights, Retail News, Sales, Infographic, Back to School, Retail

Is your brand ready to maximize back to school spend? With over £3.2 Billion to be spent this year in the UK and up to $26.2 Billion in the US market on general school supplies, clothing and even more increasingly, technology; now is the time for brands and retailers to engage with customers to drive forward the sales opportunity. CPM UK presents its back to school spend findings in the infographic below. Read more

30 July 2014

CPM Insight & Planning Team bring to you our monthly Grocery Insight update with the latest grocery news and shopper trends from the "Big 4" supermarkets across the UK. Read more

18 July 2014
Tags: CPM Expert Speak, CPM Insights, Sales Training, CPM News, CPM People, Sales, CPM France

As a leading global sales business, CPM has built up a wealth of in-house sales and marketing knowledge across many services, markets and sectors. Embracing the mantra of "Knowledge is Power," we have introduced the CPM Expert Speak Series. Our CPM Senior Management Team from around the business will share their honed expertise through a collection of featured articles and insights; looking at our business, our people and our global capabilities. Read more

17 July 2014

CPM UK, the UK's leading integrated field marketing, contact centre & digital agency looks at prime opportunities to kickstart your sales this summer. From the World Cup to Wimbledon to the endless summer festival and concert nights; there are ample opportunities to influence consumers shopping behaviour and maximise impulse purchases. Read more

15 July 2014

CPM Insight & Planning Team bring to you our monthly Independent & Convenience Insight update with the latest retail news and shopper trends from independent retailers and convenience outlets across the UK. Read more

19 March 2014

CPM Ireland has launched an all new blog which will share the latest news from the field marketing industry, among other relevant sector specific insights. The blog has been developed to share relevant information to help you drive your company sales as well as assist you to drive your career in sales. Read more

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