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Introducing the newly-evolved Detail Merchandising Online Solution

detail merchandising online
detail merchandising online

Joakim Gavelin, Founding Partner of Detail Merchandising Online, brought to the global market by CPM, introduces  the newly evolved Detail Merchandising Online solution and it's new sleek, smarter and even more intuitive features which will help maximise e-commerce sales opportunities. 


For the past few years, e-commerce has rapidly grown from a fresh idea into a booming billion-euro business. And today we know that most consumers in-store interact with their smartphones during physical store-visits, and check for reviews, competitive offers or just to learn and understand more about the products they aim to buy.

In most cases, this results in the consumer purchasing the chosen product they have already researched online. Exception to this rules lies in instances where the consumer could not locate product information online and therefore venture to alternate product options.

This consumption behavior is rapidly becoming the new norm, merging online and offline retail, and becoming the new way to shop. This is creating a whole new landscape for brands and businesses looking to promote their goods; where the online environment has become just as important to embrace, monitor and merchandise as the physical stores have always been.

To support brands with this conundrum, in 2016 we developed a unique solution for online merchandising called Detail.

Based on new learnings, needs and expectations arising along the way for additional functionality; we have now advanced this online merchandising solution to a level and capability never known or seen before in the online merchandising marketplace.

The newly evolved Detail solution is being launched across all CPM markets as of February 2017.

In short, Detail maximizes online intelligence about products and brands at online retailers and through that increases their ability to sell online, 24/7.

Detail gathers information about products and brand visibility, availability, prices, exposure compliance, consumer ratings, rankings and share of shelf at each retailer. Italso gathers relevant information about competitive products and brands as well as retailers.

The newly added functionalities for 2017 enable us to track in multiple countries, currencies and languages. Moreover, all findings and intelligence are now published in real time in a user-friendly dashboard and a mobile app, has been developed for all Detail users.

In this way, Detail makes it possible for brands to easily embrace their whole online retail environment both on an individual basis or globally, incorporating multiple markets, clusters and regions across the world. This is done in real-time, through a single, 360-view portal. This all-inclusive solution enables brands to make effective sales decisions and drive sales opportunities as well as identify and fix any potential issues found.

To make this even easier, Detail’s dashboard can be operated in English, Spanish, French, German or Italian as default languages for all users.

Detail can also send push notifications about critical happenings or online movements related to key products, categories, competitors or retailers for the users who wish to never miss a sales opportunity.

Detail is a proactive sales solution which brands can utilise for both sales and merchandising online. Its primary purpose is to fulfil the ever-changing retail landscape demands and consumer requirements for omni-channel retail experiences; which brands and businesses will face in the future.

And the future is NOW. A future where retail is still detail. Online more than ever.

See the all new Detail solution here and discover how it can maximize your online sales opportunities, ensuring your brand has Every Detail Covered, 24/7.

If you would like to find out more on Detail, Joakim Gavelin @ Detail Merchandising Online gavelin@nordicretailgroup.com



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