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In-store retail tips to ensure you stay ahead of the competition


Cognodata Consulting has identified six major changes taking place in the retail sector as a result of the economic crisis. The new consumers are characterized by being more informed, better savers and more demanding.


Our Spanish field marketing business, CPM Expertus  have summarized some of these changes and provide recommendations on how to overcome obstacles within a retail environment:


  • Convenience Sector experiencing increased growth: 55%* of the grocery market share is managed by independent and convenience outlets versus large supermarket chains.


If you have a small grocery store and are looking to become even more competitive, focus on strong visual merchandising and window displays. No matter the size of your business, CPM can help you stand out from your competition.


  • Consumers have returned to purchasing traditional brands and are now willing to pay a little more for better quality.


How can your brand stand out from the crowd? Let them try your product! Promotions at the point of sale, sampling and demonstrations are proven methods to drive increased sales.  


  • Manufacturers are now skipping the retailer and connecting directly with consumers through: direct sales, ‘one-to-one’ marketing and segmented promotions.


If you are a manufacturer and are preparing your next product campaign; recruit the help of an outsourced sales team to drive forward numerical distribution and in-store brand visibility in record time.


  • To improve the shopping experience, supermarkets have made several changes: the aisles are much wider and shelves located at lower level.


Is your store prepared for these changes? It may be necessary to adapt in-store displays and point of sale to provide a better shopping experience. An expert team of merchandisers can assist in driving forward an optimum in-store lay-out.


Discover how CPM’s field marketing and retail service offering can assist you in improving the in-store shopping experience, brand visibility and overall increased product sales.  



*Original Source: Journal Info Retail


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