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CPM is all set for Back to School - Are you?

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Be top of the class for Back to School

Children are no longer going back to school with just a new lunchbox and stationery and whilst we have always known that getting the kids ‘back to school’ is an expensive and challenging time for mums, the increasing presence of technology makes it more expensive than ever.
This year, in the UK will spend £3.2billion and up to $26.2billion in the US sending the kids back to school and the inclusion of technology is more than doubling the cost with nearly half of 5-16 year olds now owning their own laptop.  The price of the usual basics is continually on the rise too and over 40% of parents expect to spend more this year than last year.
But whilst each child might have the right kit and equipment to see them packed off well on their first day they are not always getting the best start. 18% of children never eat breakfast on a school day - and 10% of them are eating breakfast in the car.  Only 59% of families sit down to eat together at the end of each school day so ensuring healthy and nutritious diets is a continued challenge for our mums.
So for brands and manufacturers - whether it’s healthy ‘breakfast on the go’ options or nutritional snack alternatives – there is opportunity to support the nation in fuelling young minds for back to school.
But on the positive side kids are getting more involved than ever in after school activities with the average child enrolled in 3 activities a week and 81% of 5-10 year olds taking part in sport they are getting some kind of balance.
Getting kids back to school touches more products and categories than ever before.  This creates brand new occasions to engage your customers and maximise the selling opportunity.
At CPM we help world class brands to ensure excellence and maximise sales and we can do the same for you.
Download the infographic below to obtain CPM UK full findings on retail spend opportunities in the build up to the return to school period.
Speak to us today to find out how we can help you be ‘Top Of The Class’ and get an ‘A’ for sales this Back to School time. 
Original article available here : Be Top of the Class for Back to School.
Click here for CPM Summer of Sales infographic.
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