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CPM Australia Sponsor the ACRS Retail Insights Seminar


Our CPM Australia Field Marketing & Contact Centre business sponsor ACRS Retail Insights Seminar. 


Providing perspectives on the challenges brands face in breaking through the marketing clutter to engage with consumers; key thought leaders united to share their insights regarding retail activation in the modern marketplace. Sponsored by CPM, the seminar took place in Melbourne over breakfast as part of the ACRS Retail Insights Seminar.

Kicking off the seminar, Dr. Sean Sands, Research Director at the Australian Centre for Retail Studies (ACRS) explores today’s disruptions and reveals new research which examines how consumers manage complex purchase decision-making in the real world.

The seminar’s keynote speaker David Rumbens, Partner, Deloitte Access Economics, reinforced the importance of innovations and personalisation in the retail sector. Mr. Rumbens also shared a snapshot of the latest key drivers of retail spending and upcoming trends with a preview of Deloitte’s upcoming quarterly release of 2015 Retail Forecasts.

Seminar guests also heard the viewpoints from leading retail experts: Ben Wicks, General Manager Marketing, Mondelez International, leading international retail consultant, Gal Shivtiel, Alex McKay, CPM Chairman, and Graham Brown, CPM Australia’s Insights Director.

To see firsthand what’s driving current retail trends and future thinking, view presentations now.

The Consumer Purchase Journey: Blending the Basics by Dr Sean Sands - https://youtu.be/DmwFeEEpRF0

Navigating the Economic Challenges for Retail by David Rumbens - https://youtu.be/IFRPihkXraU




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